Emma has been helping clients as a Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner in the Central Alberta area since 2014.

For many years she had been searching for a more natural, non-invasive way of helping her family deal with health issues. In the process she had been able to create what she calls her Health First Aid Tool Kit with the help of essential oils, herbs and vitamins. But when she found Bio-Energy Healing,  she realized it was the piece missing as it addressed the emotional, spiritual and physical issues of all ailments. 

Her passion to help others evolved, from just wanting to help her immediate family at first to now anyone who is ready to receive the benefits of this modality of energy healing.

As a student of Michael D’Alton’s School of Bio-Energy Healing in Vancouver, she is also a certified Level 4 Trainer which qualifies her to teach Level 1 Weekend Workshops.

Emma has the gift of connecting on a deeper level with her clients in a way that she is able to help those experiencing emotional and physical challenges efficiently and successfully.

Bio-Energy Healing has given her the tools to be able to do so in a gently but very effectively way.

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