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Reflexology is a pressure therapy that focuses primarily on the feet.  It is believed that the feet mirror the body and with gentle manipulation of reflex points on the feet, the body can be treated as a whole, reaching the root of the ailment rather than treating only the symptoms.


  • Anyone from babies to seniors can benefit from reflexology treatments.

  • Individuals who may be suffering from chronic pain conditions, extreme stress, back, neck and knee problems, allergies and asthma, to name a few, can greatly benefit from reflexology.  Depending on how long a client has been affected by the current condition(s), he or she may notice improvements or elimination of the problem during a round of just four to six treatments.


What to expect during a session:

The reflexology session is all about the client, and Body Revive Reflexology’s goal is for each client to experience complete relaxation during a session.  The practitioner will perform a series of relaxation techniques on each foot to coax the body systems to relax, and the foot sequence follows.   The practitioner will work the reflexes of the entire right foot first, followed by working the reflexes of the left foot.  To enhance the experience, the practitioner will conclude the session with a foot massage.


After your appointment:

There are typically few side effects to reflexology. Clients may experience an increase of existing symptoms in the short term, due to the balancing affect reflexology has on the body.  Some clients have reported mild symptoms of sleepiness, runny nose, frequent urination, increased thirst, irritability, restless sleep and nausea. It is thought that these symptoms may be the result of the elimination of toxins, a rebalancing of energies in the body and a sudden deep relaxation that initiates an emotional release. 


  • Pregnant women who are less than three months pregnant or have a history of miscarriage.

  • Infectious or contagious illness

  • Cancer

  • Thrombosis

  • Phlebitis

  • Heart conditions (can be treated if there is a doctors note)

  • Drugs

  • Alcohol

60 Minute Session $85

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