NES Health BioEnergetics

90 Minute Initial Session $185

60 Minute Follow-up Sessions $85


NES Health Bioenergetics is a simple, ground-breaking system that utilizes a handheld biofeedback scanner that identifies energetic blockages in your body. 

Thanks to Peter Fraser and his 30 years of research in mapping the human Body-Field, in matter of a few seconds, we can uncover distortions in your human Body-Field that are contributing to many of your physical and emotional issues. 

This unique NES Health Bioenergetics system was designed using advanced Quantum physic scientific research combined with the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Once your personal scan is complete, our NES Health Certified practitioner can interpret the results and make recommendations that can be customized to your sensitivities.

The beauty of the NES Health Bioenergetics scanning device is the recommendations are always based using your scan results. Which takes the guessing game out of your treatments needed. Your personal scan will reveal where your body needs support. 

How we provide support is with the use of Infoceuticals that are specifically designed to stimulate your body’s self-healing system and correct the blockages disrupting the information flow in your body. 

Infoceuticals are created from structured mineral water that has been imprinted with corrective, electromagnetic information that support the body’s ability to return to homeostasis. 

The ultimate goal is to restore your Human Body-Field to its original blueprint, which will result in reclaiming true, total wellness and energy.

NES Health Bioenergetics is the missing link to our current health care system and represents the next stage in the evolution of health care. 

A balanced body can heal itself of almost anything!


What are the benefits of using NES Health Bioenergetics?

-Identifies and help correct the energetic distortion in the body.

-Identifies physical and emotional trauma's affecting your physical body.

-Helps stimulates the body's own repair process at a cellular level. 

-Aids the body to naturally detox

-Increases mental clarity and reduces brain fog

-Identifies food sensitives, toxins and heavy metals which are causing energetic distortions in your body.

-Identifies nutritional sensitivities and deficiencies.

-Aids in stress and anxiety reduction.

-Aids the body to return to it's original blueprint and homeostasis


What to expect during a NES Health Bioenergetic Consultation?

Once your personal scan is complete, which takes 30 seconds to do, a NES Health Certified Bioenergetic practitioner can interpret the results based on your scan. While we uncover the energetic distortions, we provide feedback and analysis to identify the root cause of your health concerns. The scan result will give us five (5) recommended Infoceuticals, which can be customized based your sensitives and /or financial budget. Initial consultations vary between 60-90 minutes. Follow up sessions are 45-60 minutes. 


What to expect after a NES Health Bioenergetic Consultation and Infoceutical protocol? 

No one person is the same. We are all unique and so is our healing process. As energy shifts in the body and starts to correct you can expect to have some healing effects. Some of these can be:

-More energy

-More mental clarity

-Better Sleep

-Physical detoxing symptoms, such has body sweats, fatigue, and sometimes even discoloration in urine and stool.

-Emotional release and detoxing



Happy Healing! 

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