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Reiki Energy Healing Sessions 


Reiki Energy is universal life energy that offers healing to our mind, body and soul. Many of the issues we experience are emotional in origin and can cause havoc on our body, impacting energy levels, possibly leading to depression or illness. Reiki helps to bring buried feelings to the surface and works to release them helping to bring you back into balance. Reiki is administered by scanning the body with my hands raised about 2 to 3 inches above the body to allow the energy to flow where it needs to.  You may feel different sensations throughout the session. 

What can Reiki do for you?


  • Offers mind, body and soul healing

  • Works with your chakra energy system to heal old wounds both physically and emotionally

  • Balances energy and chakras that are unbalanced 

  • Allows you to release blockages and feelings that no longer serve you

  • Reconnects you to your body and soul. 

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