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Angelic Reiki Energy Healing Sessions 


Gifted by the Angelic Kingdom of Light,  the Angelic Reiki Master works alongside your angels, guides and masters to bring you into total relaxation.   When performing a complete session, Emma clears your aura, balances your chakras and restores your energy field leaving you feeling refreshed and revived.  Using past life regression, she can go even deeper in exploring your higher self.  Each session is completely unique to each individual client, bringing forth exactly what is needed in that moment.  Involving crystals, pendulums and wands makes each session completely magical and uplifting.  Come explore today!


What Angelic Reiki can do for you

Angelic Reiki Healing can increase the body's immune system and will give you more confidence in dealing with everyday life. Receiving Angelic Reiki Healing can make you feel empowered and stronger on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

1) Promotes Health and Wellbeing.  

Angelic Reiki over time can promote better overall health. It is a known fact that a body that is imbalanced is more prone to dis-ease. Allow the body to return to balance and full health will return.

2) Encourages Mental Clarity

Angelic Reiki can eventually assist in giving better clarity

3) Assists with Pain Management

Angelic Reiki assists with the management of pain, discomfort and restlessness.

4) Releases Stress and Tension

Angelic Reiki promotes relaxation and proper grounding. Imagine feeling connected to mother earth no matter what circumstances you are in.

5) Relieves Depression

Angelic Reiki over time can promote better moods and return balance  to emotional wellness.

6) Reduces Anxiety

Angelic Reiki can reduce emotional anxiety by addressing the issues that create the anxiety at its source

7) Aides Relaxation

Angelic Reiki can assist in allowing the ability to relax to be more prominent in peoples emotional state.

8) Improves Sleep

Angelic Reiki over time will allow mental chatter at bedtime to diminish thus allowing sleep to be deeper and more effective.

9) Promotes Better Digestion

Angelic Reiki over time can assist in the body being more efficient in digesting dense foods and allowing oneself to feel lighter and less dense

10) Strengthens Self-Esteem

Angelic Reiki over time can promote better emotional balance thus leading to an increase in confidence and self worth.

11) Heightens Self-Awareness and Intuition

Angelic Reiki over time will open chakras and allow a deeper connection to spirit and higher beings.

12) Offers Support for Substance Abuse Recovery

Angelic Reiki clears the chakras of dark, dense energy and allows a more positive, cheerful wellbeing to settle in.



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