Marnel Hesterman

Marnel found EFT when she was doing some personal development work of her own. Marnel was able to experience and see how quickly EFT worked to ease emotional upset, stress, and aided in trauma recovery.  Marnel immediately sought out training and became an EFT practitioner, and Certified Life Coach.

Marnel has been practicing EFT and coaching since 2010.  Marnel started her full-time Emotional Wellness practice, under her company name of Incite Inspirations, in 2014.  Marnel continues to study and incorporate other modalities into her Emotional Wellness Sessions, enabling women to Let Go of the emotional burdens, the stress, the overwhelm, the anxiety, the fears, the trauma and so much more, so that they can move on.  If you are experiencing emotional upset of any kind, there is hope, there is help.  

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