Tara has been a massage therapist for ten years.   People often ask her what makes her therapy different than everyone else.   Her simple answer is that when she started school, she had three compressed discs in her back causing sciatic nerve pain down both legs.  Doctors wanted to fuse her spine at 21 years of age and told her that she would never live without pain again.

She volunteered as a demo patient for all the treatments in school and felt first hand what worked and what didn't and what just felt weird.  By the time her schooling was complete, she was pretty much pain free.   Six month after finishing school, she met a therapist who was able to release her deep hip flexor 100%. (which of course she now uses in her own practice to release that in her clients).  She is now 34 years old and is still pain free.

By continuing to work on herself and the experience she is gaining by working on clients with different issues, Tara has been able to fine tune her treatments to correct problems and reduce pain faster for all who see her.


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