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Ionic Detox Bath

Ionic Detox Bath

45 Minute Session $40


Ionic Foot Cleanse Therapy   


Detoxify and Rejuvenate your body in one easy step.


Ionic Foot cleansing unit consists of a power source and an ion generator called an "array".

When the array is placed in water and the unit turned on, a small amount of DC current causes the array to generate negatively charged ions. Within seconds of contact with the skin, millions of these ions enter your body and begin to neutralize acidic tissue waste as the negative ions attach to the positively charged toxic particles in your body, and draw them out through the pores of the skin on your feet. In addition to this, the negative ions also alkalize the blood and tissue, unblocking your meridian channels. 


There are approximately 2000- 4000 pores on the soles of the feet, the ions stimulate your body's cells so they release the toxins back into the water via the pores. As the toxic substances leave your body and enter the ionic water, the water will become coloured. As the session progresses, the water will deepen in colour or even change consistency as more toxins are released. The osmosis based process is harmless and the colour of the water indicates what is being detoxed from the body.

Ionic Cleanse Therapy Benefits:

  • general detoxification

  • allergies and sensitivities

  • inflammation in muscles or joints

  • helps improve the range of motion of joints

  • migraine headaches

  • effectively supports and reinforces other methods to detoxify your body (lymphatic drainage, colon hydrotherapy, etc.)

  • general improvement in your health and well being.

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